All About Blush!

When I asked for some suggestions on tutorial videos that you would like to see, I was shocked to learn that the most requested topic was BLUSH?! I never realized it caused so much confusion and frustration! It has always been my favorite finishing touch that brightens the entire face and brings color and life back to the skin. How could it be such a problem??

Once I started filming this tutorial, I quickly realized what an overwhelming topic it can be since blush comes in so many varieties; You have liquid, gel, cream, mousse, pressed powder, loose powder and probably more that I have forgotten. No wonder you're having blush nightmares! In the video I show you some examples of the different formulas and recommend brushes and techniques for applying each one. If you've been skipping blush because you're having trouble applying it, watch this tutorial for the tips and troubleshooting tricks that will score you the perfect flush! xo KL