Packing A Touch Up Kit

So many brides ask me what they should pack to touch up their makeup on the big day. While the majority of your makeup should remain in place throughout the day (thanks to my handiwork), there are always some external variables such as warm weather and tears that may disrupt your flawless face. I use every trick in the book to ensure a long-lasting makeup, but once I pack my kit and leave, it's up to you to make sure your face remains camera-ready all day. Don't forget to assemble an emergency touch up kit so you have everything you need to keep your makeup looking fresh! Here's what you should pack...

1. A small makeup bag to hold all of your items. Try to find one that comes with a mini brush set like the one I have pictured from Too Faced.

2. If you're a weeper, pack an eyeliner pencil that does not need to be sharpened and some Q-tips. Clean up any eye makeup smudges by rolling your Q-tip over the area then reapply your liner to the spots that need it. Liner applied in the "waterline" or "rims" of the eye will most likely need a touch up whether or not you shed a tear. *Side tip for criers: Dab the inner and outer corners of your eyes with a tissue to catch tears before they roll down your face. Do not wipe or rub your eyes!*

3. If you're wearing false eyelashes, it's always a good idea to pack some lash adhesive and a slant tweezer JUST IN CASE the lash band lifts away from the lash line on the inner or outer corner. When applied correctly, your lashes should be in place all day, but some strip lashes have a thicker, less flexible band that may begin to lift.

4. Blotting papers may be my #1 touch up essential for brides AND grooms. Warm weather, nerves, heavy gowns and bulky tuxedos can add up to unwanted shine. These little paper sheets quickly absorb oil and moisture from your skin without disturbing your makeup or adding more product. Pick up a pack for your kit and another pack to slip in the groom's jacket pocket :)

5. Lipstick and lip gloss = no brainer. After countless kisses, a few snacks at cocktail hour, and a champagne toast, your lips will need a fresh coat of lipstick and/or gloss several times throughout the day (especially after the ceremony and before formal pictures!!).

6. A retractable lip brush is such a great tool to have! If you don't know what lipstick your makeup artist used and don't know what to buy for touch up, just purchase a retractable lip brush. On the day of the wedding, your makeup artist can load up your lip brush with the lipstick she uses and you will have the exact shade stored on the brush for touch ups later in the day.

7. Concealer and powder in one compact will save space in your bag so you have everything you need to keep blemishes and dark circles under cover. It's also great to use concealer to clean up the edges around eye makeup and lipstick (especially if you're wearing a red lip). Use your mini makeup brushes or even another retractable lip brush for precise concealer application!

8. A cream cheek product is easy to apply and can multitask as a lip color if you're in a pinch. Easily blended with fingertips, cream blush freshens and brightens the whole face when you're pressed for time and starting to fade. Treat yourself to one that's in pretty packaging like this cheek stain from Tarte.

Hope this post helps you pack the perfect touch up kit. I'll have a new tutorial video for you next week on a HIGHLY requested topic. Stay tuned, you won't want to miss it. Thanks for visiting! xo KL